Amy Winehouse & Me: Our Friendship, Her Hardship! Remembering What Made Her Human! | Perez Hilton

This week marked 8 years since the death of Amy Winehouse. Perez has never made a video about her before – until now.

Looking back at our relationship. The good. The bad. Honest. Heart-filled.

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Listen To This: Losing Control!

We’ve been a big fan of Sabrina Carpenter for  a long time!

Being a Disney star is both a blessing and a curse. It gives you a big audience, but a lot of people won’t take you seriously as a musician. At least not at first.

Sabrina has been at it for many years now – and she keeps getting better and better!

In My Bed is totally current-day Selena Gomez! If you enjoy her, you will dig this!

Check it out above!

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Jul 28, 2019 6:31am PDT

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Lori Loughlin & Mossimo Giannulli Showing ‘United Front’ In Arguing For New Joint Court Date

It’s been a hell of a few months for Lori Loughlin, who will no doubt use Sunday, July 28th as a barometer considering she turns 55 years old on that day.

But it may not be much of a day to celebrate for the Fuller House star and her family, as she and hubby Mossimo Giannulli are now facing a new date to have their time in court over the ongoing college admissions scandal. And if the couple gets their way in court, well, they’ll be facing the proverbial music together, rather than one by one.

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According to court documents first obtained this week by the San Jose Mercury News, the new court date has come about because the couple — who are being represented by attorneys from the same law firm — is arguing for the right to present a “united front” in their case. That is, the attorneys have posited in court docs that the joint representation poses no conflict of interest for either Loughlin or Giannulli, and they ought to be allowed to proceed forward jointly, as one entity.

The lawyers lay out their claims very simply in the court docs, writing (below):

“Giannulli and Loughlin are innocent of the charges brought against them and are eager to clear their names, and they believe their interests will be advanced most effectively by presenting a united front against the Government’s baseless accusations.”

‘Baseless accusations,’ you say? Quite the confident legal team!!! But it’s that ‘united front’ move that may link them together forever — whether guilty or innocent — and could affect the outcome of the entire case moving forward.

Practically speaking, at least in the short-term, that means the next scheduled court date for both Lori and Mossimo will be a joint appearance on August 27 — exactly a month from now. During that visit to the courthouse, the couple is reportedly expected to waive their rights to separate attorneys and move forward together towards trial.

In some ways, that may be a gutsy move, but it’s clear the united front is strong between the TV personality and her fashion designer husband. If the two are to go down to any government-led prosecution, well, it appears they’ll go down together. Isn’t there something weirdly romantic about that?!

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Whatever the case is — and however this case goes — we know we’ll be doing plenty more reporting on it as Lori and Mossimo face the government’s music over whether they actually bribed college admissions officials at USC. This is FAR from the last we’ve heard here, y’all.

What do U think about Lori & Mossimo’s potential guilt or innocence, anyways, now that you’ve had some time to process the entire bribery scandal?! This is truly one of the stories of the year, isn’t it?! How crazy and salacious… still doesn’t even seem real in some ways!!!

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Kim Kardashian Reveals Upcoming Project: Documentary On Prison Life In Washington, D.C.

Kim Kardashian West has stayed remarkably busy of late — and now, we know at least a little bit about what she’s been up to… and it sounds amazing!

The KUWTK star posted a series of pics to her Instagram account on Saturday afternoon, revealing the fact that she’s hard at work developing a brand new documentary that’ll showcase prison life and a college-credit program in a Washington, D.C. institution.

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As you can see on IG (below), Kim was all smiles alongside Georgetown University Professor Dr. Marc Howard and a group of inmates at the Central Detention Facility in America’s capital. They had all gotten together this week to, as Kim announced, film some of the documentary — and so the reality TV star decided a series of selfies might be the perfect way to cap things off!

Ch-ch-check out the pics (below):


And along with the series of pics, Kim wrote about the project itself and gave a little bit of insight into its upcoming national TV showing on Oxygen (below):

“Last week I was so moved by Dr. @marcmhoward, a Georgetown professor who teaches a course inside of a Washington DC prison where these men and women can get Georgetown credit. I met so many amazing people that can’t wait to share their stories with you. We filmed a documentary I am working on that will be out on @oxygen and I hope you will learn about the justice system the way I have.”


So there’ll soon be a documentary up about the criminal justice system and getting prisoners educated in this progressive, impressive D.C. program… very excited to hear that!!! Can’t wait to see the doc, too!

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As you are all very well aware, Kim has not exactly slowed down much after welcoming her and Kanye West‘s fourth child via surrogate earlier this year. In fact, the reality TV star is only going faster and faster as she continues to push forward to one day become a lawyer. Her work with prison inmates and in other realms within criminal justice continues to be a source of inspiration, too, as the reality TV star continues to prove she really does care about all people.

Now, it appears this documentary is just one more part in Kim’s long, impressive awakening to injustices faced by so many Americans on a daily basis. Good for her, y’all!!! And we’re very excited to see the finished product here!!! What about U, Perezcious readers?!

[Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram]

Donald Trump Blasted Over Bigoted Call-Out Of ‘Rat And Rodent Infested’ West Baltimore

Donald Trump is making headlines for all the wrong reasons yet again — and this time, it’s an all-day Twitter trend set off by his own bigoted tweets and public messages, with no one to blame for it but himself!

The President set off this firestorm of criticism and viral infamy on Saturday morning when he tweeted a thread of messages about Democrat Congressman Elijah Cummings of Maryland. In the three-tweet thread, the Prez called out the longtime civil rights luminary, and compared his Congressional district (more or less across the west side of Baltimore, Maryland) very unfavorably to conditions for migrants and asylum-seekers on the U.S.-Mexico border.

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Here’s what Trump had to say about West Baltimore, as it related to Cummings’ comments about the border and Trump’s thoughts about the district, in a series of very controversial missives sent early Saturday morning (below):


A President calling out an American city so brutally and so forcefully is absolutely not a good look, and yet Trump did it anyways, while openly appearing to criticize the city’s residents for the supposed mess there.

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As you might expect, the rebuke on Twitter was both swift and severe, with thousands upon thousands of people tweeting messages about West Baltimore, Trump’s obvious bigotry, and so much more. But while many of the call-outs and rebukes were powerful in their own right throughout Saturday, few were as impactful as CNN anchor Victor Blackwell‘s commentary on what Trump said, and why it matters.

Blackwell — a native of the exact West Baltimore district which Trump called out — didn’t mince words for an impressive and highly personal two-minute monologue delivered live on air late Saturday. The video itself, which you can see in full (below), quickly trended across social media, too:

Wow… Talk about a powerful, eloquent, and highly intelligent response — almost doesn’t fit considering the man Blackwell is responding to is such a complete moron. That Blackwell could keep his composure and deliver such a stirring, inspiring few minutes is impressive and much-needed right now, to say the least. With videos like his going viral, it’s critical for Americans to see that there are far better people out there than our current President…

Hours later, Michelle Obama even weighed in on the matter with her own take from Baltimore (below):

LOVE it!!!

What do y’all think about Trump’s comments, Perezcious readers? Inappropriate, to say the least??? Sound OFF on everything politically-related in the comment section (below)…

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Nicki Minaj Defends Ex-Con BF Kenneth Petty: ‘Money Cannot Buy Me Happiness & Good Sex’

Nicki Minaj is getting really real about the man she’s been romantically involved with for a while now… and no fan comment is going to change the way she thinks!!!

The 36-year-old rapper was hosting her Queen Radio show live on the air earlier on Friday when the topic of Kenneth Pettyher controversial 41-year-old ex-con boyfriend — came up. And Minaj, who has known Petty for quite a while going back to her teenage years in Queens, was quick to defend the man against fans hating on him.

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Speaking about how she finds true happiness with the former convict, MInaj said on air (below):

“When a person is with a n***a that loved them before they had a dime in their pocket? How do you not understand that? How do you not understand happiness vs clout? How f**king dare you talk about lowering standards. It’s the truth, money cannot buy me happiness and good sex.”


The Starships rapper clearly sees something special in Petty, even if none of the rest of us do, and that may be enough for her to block out ALL the criticisms and simply move forward with him as a couple. After all, every couple should have something like that which unites them… we’re just particularly surprised with this one, knowing Petty’s salacious criminal history!

As we’ve been reporting, Petty’s crime problems go back years — back to right around the time Minaj would have known him as a teenager in Queens — and he’s well-versed in the prison system because of it. Nicki has previously taken considerable heat for the relationship already, and even back then she was quick to defend him at the time, too, so it’s clear she’s probably not going to side with anybody BUT the man in her life. Can you blame her?!

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Whether or not that is ultimately a good thing remains to be seen, of course. It’s possible Petty really is a changed, reformed man, and he’s a net positive for Nicki!!! And it’s equally possible that things could deteriorate rather quickly here… just sayin’!!

But what do U think about all this boyfriend controversy, Perezcious readers?? Will Petty prove her right by being faithful and creating more happiness for the rapper? Is it all a charade and there’s nothing but sadness and heartache lurking underneath the love here?? Sound OFF about everything Nicki-related and more in the comment section (below)!!!

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Mia’s Graduation Day! Dad Gets Emotional! What A Special Day!| Perez Hilton

Two years have GONE BY SO QUICKLY!!! Mia‘s graduation at her preschool was yesterday and Perez is such a crier! Tears of pride were streaming down his face! Feeling all the emotions! We talk about the future and what she told us she wants to be when she grows up really caught us off guard!

So thankful we got grandma to leave the house for this!!!

Watch! Enjoy! SHARE!

And CLICK HERE to check out more Mia videos!

Court Docs: ‘Quasi-Famous Rap Star’ Tyga Is Facing FOURTEEN Active Lawsuits For Not Paying His Bills!

Tyga, dude, you gotta pay your bills and maybe none of this would’ve happened!!

The rap star — and Kylie Jenner‘s one-time boyfriend from what seems like FOREVER ago — has been on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid bills that have now morphed into fourteen separate lawsuits filed against him! FOURTEEN!!! What. The. F**k?!?!?!

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TMZ broke the story on Saturday morning, reporting that there are now fourteen creditors and lenders who have filed suit against the rapper for a variety of unpaid bills. That includes car dealers, landlords, and lots of lenders and creditors in between that have allegedly gone unpaid for services rendered. So basically what we’re saying here is… Tyga makes Donald Trump look like a guy who pays all his bills on time, and in full! Ha!!!

This new news all came about because a concert promoter in Vegas is suing the rapper for $65,000 after he allegedly backed out of a contract he’d agreed to with them. TMZ claims that Z Entertainment wants their money back after Tyga allegedly double-crossed them by performing at Sin City venues NOT allowed based on their contract. Tyga didn’t fight the lawsuit in the first place when it went to court several months ago, either, and so Z Entertainment received a default judgment which the rapper is now suddenly trying to fight after the fact.

Well, as part of the ongoing legal battle, Z Entertainment went IN on the rapper, calling him a “quasi-famous rap star” (OMFG!!!) and noting the other fourteen lawsuits filed against him as proof that he’s unlikely to pay out the default judgment. It’s unclear whether Tyga will be able to successfully fend off the lawsuit — perhaps not, since the judge has already issued a default judgment — but even if the rapper gets a small victory here, he still has a LOT of people beating down his door and asking for their money.

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So insane!!! What do y’all think, Perezcious readers?! Is Tyga really a “quasi-famous rap star” or what?? Will any of his legal battles end in his favor, or does this guy just really need to start paying his bills on time so he can stay out of money troubles??

Sound OFF with all of your Tyga opinions and then some in the comment section (below)!!!

[Image via WENN]

R. Kelly’s Live-In Girlfriends Are Preparing To Start Their Own Careers In Hollywood…

It must be a sign of the times for people like this to believe their best move is going after fifteen minutes of fame

R. Kelly‘s alleged sex slaves so-called live-in girlfriends, Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage, are ready to use Kelly’s fame and notoriety to step out into a spotlight of their own, according to sources who spoke to TMZ about the women this weekend.

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According to those in the know who are close to the women, the story goes that the girls are looking for “a big time talent manager” who can help “put them in a positive light” as they begin to model, act, and even consider starting their own businesses in Hollywood. Really?!?!

Apparently, a rep for the women has been shopping them around to several notable talent and PR reps inside the entertainment industry over the past week. It’s unclear whether there’s any interest in ’em yet (or at all), but the rep is reportedly at least pushing them as “high profile clientele” and linking them to R. Kelly’s long-held career in the music industry.

The rep emailed TMZ more about Clary and Savage, noting that the two women “just want to get a positive name for themselves rather then [sic] the negative rumors their parents have accused them of.” Well.. OK then!!!

For what it’s worth, the two women are reportedly NOT planning on abandoning R. Kelly to pursue their own dreams of riches, fame, and stardom; they WILL apparently be flying to Brooklyn next week to support the R&B crooner as he goes through his arraignment in federal court. That’s good for them, at least; goodness knows they’ve already stuck with the singer through thick and thin — and many arrests and controversies in the recent past — so maybe they really are in it for the long haul with the disgraced Chicago superstar.

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Still, it’s a strange thing for them to want to be famous now, isn’t it?? First, there’s the question of exactly what they would be famous for — like, do they have talents in singing, or dancing, or something else?? Or are we just looking at some reality TV show here?!

Then there’s the inevitable question of who would actually care about R. Kelly’s live-in girlfriends in the first place?! No shade to the girls here, it’s just, well, what interesting stuff could they possibly do to grow a fan base outside of the short-lived morbid curiosity about their living arrangements with the disgraced singer??

So many questions… what do U think about these two clout-chasers, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via WENN]

Twin Infants Die After Father Allegedly Forgot Them Inside Hot Car For More Than Eight Hours

What an unimaginable tragedy for anybody to have to go through…

Twin one-year-old infants both died tragically on Friday after they were left inside a hot vehicle in New York City all day while their father was allegedly at work. The 39-year-old man allegedly forgot the babies were in the back seat of his car when he pulled up to park at work on Friday morning in the NYC area.

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The infants, identified by police as Mariza and Phoenix Rodriguez of Rockland County, New York, were then apparently stuck in the car for hours. They were eventually found “foaming at the mouth” before being pronounced dead hours later by paramedics.

According to CNN, the children’s 39-year-old father is Juan Rodriguez — and as of late Friday evening, he has officially been charged with two counts of manslaughter and two counts of criminal negligent homicide, per NYPD reports.

A spokesman for the NYPD told People that the incident was first alerted to them late Friday afternoon, as they stated in a report (below):

“On July 26, 2019, at 1608 hours police responded to a report of an aided male inside of a vehicle at West Kingsbridge Road and Kingsbridge Terrace, within the confines of the 50 Precinct. Upon arrival officers discovered a 1-year-old female and a 1-year-old male unconscious and unresponsive seated in the rear of a Honda sedan. EMS responded and pronounced them both deceased at the scene.”


The babies’ 39-year-old father has since been taken into custody for questioning. According to ABC 7, he allegedly told authorities that he had driven to work at the VA Medical Center that morning, parked his car around 8:00 a.m., and left, completely forgetting the two infants were inside in the back seat.

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When he returned to his vehicle hours later, he began to drive several blocks away from work before realizing what had gone on, at which point he pulled over and recalled seeing the infants “foaming at the mouth.” He immediately called 9-1-1, but it was too late, and both infants tragically were pronounced dead at the scene — after what apparently was an unimaginable, horrific eight hours trapped inside the car.

As we note, law enforcement officials are still questioning the father. What an unimaginable tragedy. So, so sad for the poor infants, and all of their family, friends, and loved ones now grieving in their wake.


[Image via ABC 7/Twitter]